Final standing: A-Derby 1st on Steam Greenlit 1st on Indie DB 2nd on Mod DB

Very proud to announce that our amazing game, Arizona Derby finalized as #1 at Greenlight and #1 on Indie DB and #2 maximum result at Mod DB.

We would continue delivering hi end content into Arizona Derby and prepare for launching on online distribution places.

We believe Arizona Derby is an ultimate off-road racing game and would soon stand with a shoulder to shoulder to NFS, Forza, Project Cars and would be better than many of other racing games today.

Arizona Derby hits #3 at Steam Greenlit and #6 on Inde DB

After years of hard development of Arizona Derby – we get wonderful feedback from gaming communities worldwide, our Twitter fan page growth over 300k followers, and Arizona Derby top’s the #3 position on Steam Greenlit, together with #6 from over 42,000 games on Indie DB.

We would keep doing best to have game placed into the total top of Greenlit, as we are totally assured about it’s potential and it’s perspectives and highest standards of quality.

We are aware that this game will move borders of racing games, especially indie racing games, developed under limited resources.

We are not huge like other racing series – but if you take look in our game, level and car details you can see even better things than in many of today’s racing games.

Our fans crying to have this game published, support from over globe is amazing and we expect we can become next big racing series on the market!


We just hits #6 with Arizona Derby on Steam

Falcon Interactive team is so happy to announce that we topped 6 positions of over 3720 games on the Steam Greenlit!

We willing to say thanks to great Steam gaming community, to our large fans on Twitter (over 306k fans):

and to our growing Facebook community:



Arizona Derby Hit’s Top Ten Position on Steam

Today, Falcon’s Interactive “Arizona Derby” game hits 10th position on the list of over 3,700 games.

We want to revolutionize racing game markets, bringing something fresh, unique and really adventuristic, like supercars exploring off-road lands, which was up to now, without placing them on big wheels, not broadly explored, just Forza Horizon 3 featuring some off-roads and supercars, but Arizona Derby plans to totally reshape the racing game market.

We have recently previewed our latest level “Forest Rampage” featuring new song of Burton MC rapper, which increases heat additionally.

WE introduce more supercars to drive on, more levels and make overall, this game totally nice and unique on the racing game market.

You can check it here:

UPDATED: Arizona Derby is at 24th place from 3,793 games on Steam Greenlight

It is so exciting to track progress over last few days and we celebrating as game pass 100% of Greenlight and pass over 54 games in just 2 days to position number 46 with over 3,132 YES votes.

A week after, progress going even harder and currently Arizona Derby, after updating new map “Tropical Paradise” hits the 24th place of the 3,793 games on Greenlight.

One of the boosts for this was for sure new spot for song Arizona Derby which was put to the Steam profile of the game and definitely gets great feedback.

The second big step is the newest Arizona Derby spot with Burton MC which attracted more voters also with a very exciting map of Tropical Paradise.

But also new rides we include and which are so popular and nicely.

Game rise so steeply on the game when 100% of Greenlight were reached, you can see that on the graph.

This period has been very exciting for Falcon Interactive development teams which working on Arizona Derby and give us, even more, motivation to implement best and to put more and more features.

We have a lot of ideas is mind and if we succeed, all this would feasible for DLC’s of the game.

We believe game have great possibilities and it can reach even more, to the top 20 games on Greenlight.

Arizona Derby NEW SUPERCARS!!!!

This is so exciting to announce, as we developing, modeling and fine-tuning for weeks this new rigs and proudly we present it to the Steam community, which response in increased yes votes over previous days.

New rides having lines of top today’s supercars and we can’t wait for players worldwide to start enjoying in this amazing car derby in wonderful and ever-exciting interactions which it would produce.

We have made a full plan of DLC’s for this game and expansions, from this early access beginning to full multiplayer online game with plenty of new maps and amazing vehicles.

One thing is sure, Falcon Interactive team is full of amazing ideas and that would keep up and increase it to the maximum possibilities.

You will be a witness of born of the totally unseen racing game franchise, the game which would take over the place from all currently, boring car games franchises.

The gaming world is thirsty for new experiences, for exciting, which current racing games can not bring and Arizona Derby is a game that is developed with only that goal in mind.


Arizona Derby Song

Falcon Interactive proudly presents Arizona Derby Song for its upcoming PC title. Lyrics, production of the song is all made by Burton MC and his production house.

We have in plans more songs for the game when it would be realized and more for upcoming DLCs in future.

In meantime you can check song and evaluate it yourself: