Arizona Derby Hit’s Top Ten Position on Steam

Today, Falcon’s Interactive “Arizona Derby” game hits 10th position on the list of over 3,700 games.

We want to revolutionize racing game markets, bringing something fresh, unique and really adventuristic, like supercars exploring off-road lands, which was up to now, without placing them on big wheels, not broadly explored, just Forza Horizon 3 featuring some off-roads and supercars, but Arizona Derby plans to totally reshape the racing game market.

We have recently previewed our latest level “Forest Rampage” featuring new song of Burton MC rapper, which increases heat additionally.

WE introduce more supercars to drive on, more levels and make overall, this game totally nice and unique on the racing game market.

You can check it here:

UPDATED: Arizona Derby is at 24th place from 3,793 games on Steam Greenlight

It is so exciting to track progress over last few days and we celebrating as game pass 100% of Greenlight and pass over 54 games in just 2 days to position number 46 with over 3,132 YES votes.

A week after, progress going even harder and currently Arizona Derby, after updating new map “Tropical Paradise” hits the 24th place of the 3,793 games on Greenlight.

One of the boosts for this was for sure new spot for song Arizona Derby which was put to the Steam profile of the game and definitely gets great feedback.

The second big step is the newest Arizona Derby spot with Burton MC which attracted more voters also with a very exciting map of Tropical Paradise.

But also new rides we include and which are so popular and nicely.

Game rise so steeply on the game when 100% of Greenlight were reached, you can see that on the graph.

This period has been very exciting for Falcon Interactive development teams which working on Arizona Derby and give us, even more, motivation to implement best and to put more and more features.

We have a lot of ideas is mind and if we succeed, all this would feasible for DLC’s of the game.

We believe game have great possibilities and it can reach even more, to the top 20 games on Greenlight.

Arizona Derby NEW SUPERCARS!!!!

This is so exciting to announce, as we developing, modeling and fine-tuning for weeks this new rigs and proudly we present it to the Steam community, which response in increased yes votes over previous days.

New rides having lines of top today’s supercars and we can’t wait for players worldwide to start enjoying in this amazing car derby in wonderful and ever-exciting interactions which it would produce.

We have made a full plan of DLC’s for this game and expansions, from this early access beginning to full multiplayer online game with plenty of new maps and amazing vehicles.

One thing is sure, Falcon Interactive team is full of amazing ideas and that would keep up and increase it to the maximum possibilities.

You will be a witness of born of the totally unseen racing game franchise, the game which would take over the place from all currently, boring car games franchises.

The gaming world is thirsty for new experiences, for exciting, which current racing games can not bring and Arizona Derby is a game that is developed with only that goal in mind.


Arizona Derby Song

Falcon Interactive proudly presents Arizona Derby Song for its upcoming PC title. Lyrics, production of the song is all made by Burton MC and his production house.

We have in plans more songs for the game when it would be realized and more for upcoming DLCs in future.

In meantime you can check song and evaluate it yourself:

Pro Soccer Review

Pro Soccer is a new game designed to bring you the beauty of football with all the challenges and fun that you can see on the field.

One of the best things about football is that it’s a lot of fun and it provides you with a whole lot of cool mechanics and ideas. Not only is it rewarding and interesting, but at the same time it also brings in front some really interesting ways to play as well.

Your goal in Pro Soccer is to make history in Premier League. You will choose what team you want to play as and then you have to do all you can in order to complete those matches and win everything. As you may imagine, there are lots of matches to play.


Here you can check gameplay of Pro Soccer game:

I particularly like the fact that the AI is focused on tactics and strategies. Each player has a different strategy, so you never know how the AI will attack you. This is why you always have to be very creative and you need to bring in front a unique, simpler approach. But it’s stuff like this that makes Pro Soccer a lot of fun, because you just get to try out some new gameplay ideas all the time.

The gameplay on its own is simple and refined, as you want a regular soccer game to be. There are a few challenges here and there, but overall you will find that the gameplay is nice, action packed and full of some really nice ideas. It doesn’t get hard either, nor do you find it to be too challenging.

Based on the experience I had, Pro Soccer strikes the perfect balance between skill and experience.

You will learn more and more as you play, and the experience on its own is really interesting to be honest. You will like the great attention to detail offered to graphics as well. The game looks very well and it does have that console game feel to it.

That’s incredible considering the fact that Pro Soccer is just a mobile game. It really manages to put all the stuff that matters into a single experience and it balances all of that with the utmost perfection. At the end of the day, the gameplay is fun, the balance is nice and the entire experience is there for you all the time.

It’s safe to say that each new team you will face will come with new players and challenges, but you will have to optimize the way you play. As long as you do that, face your enemies and focus on success, you will see that nothing is really impossible. You just have to learn and master all challenges in front of you. Do all you can to take things to the next level. As long as you do that, success will be one step closer to you. So, I believe that Pro Soccer is a very good game, you may want to try it out if you want to have a nice, relaxed and fun football experience!

Arizona Derby is on it’s way to Top 100 on the Steam Greenlight

After 33 days of the campaign on the Steam Greenlight, Arizona Derby announcing great results and get nice feedback from Steam gaming community. Falcon Interactive thanks to everyone who participate in this campaign.

From a development point of view, game get’s into late beta phase and it’s ready to soon be published.


Here is great respond which Arizona Derby gets from Steam users:

Look at the “Rise of Robo-Man” five years latter

We just remind about creating one of our first console quality mobile titles, back 5 years in time, with involved hard work to bring to the world one of the first console quality actions games.

This game is a just reference of our work but it get’s good reviews – we like this poster and lot of work is involved for it to be movie-like, hope you guys would like it.

Back in that time we have a different name for this game, it was “Rise of The Arcan Man”, but then we rebrand it to the “Rise of Robo-Man”.

And then we introduce Lawa-Man with its specific abilities.


You can find more about Robo-Man here.



Extraordinary actions brought alive – Crazy Rails

Falcon Interactive developed for years action games, based on tons of experience for fast-paced multiplayer action games, we develop Crazy Rails – to enjoy into – it’s internal reference and we would share you details about it to show out challenges in development processes.

In this video, you can check some gameplay overview.

And here is more about the development of this huge project, which has over 100 scripts and some as you will see have 1000s of variables and over 12k lines of code.

During development, Falcon resolving lot of extraordinary challenges of this projects, some of them are definitely its state of the art gameplay logics and next to it it’s Dynamic curving shader – which enables us to save a lot on modeling costs – so basically everything in game is straight in game engine – but on screen it’s curving in real-time enabling state of the art logics of the game, as seen in above video’s. You can read more about this technique here.

Drag’n’Drift Review

Finding a good drifting game for mobile can be rather challenging. There are some diamonds in the rough, but you have to search quite a lot for them.

Recently, we played Drag’n’Drift, and this title is the real deal. They did an excellent job at bringing in front the true meaning of drift racing. On top of that, there is some cool stuff to be had here, and in the end, it’s just a pleasant, fun approach to be had here!

You have multiple cars that you can choose from in Drag’n’Drift, and each one of them has different styles. This makes it easy for you to customize the experience. Plus, you do have the ability to acquire money that can be used to purchase new cars. There’s a lot of fun to be had, and the idea that you can have your crew in the game is also fun.

Just like many other games like this go, you need to create your crew.

Not only that, but you have to battle some of the bosses that come your way too. Becoming an illegal racer is not that easy though. There will be lots of great racers to be encountered here, so the fun is indeed guaranteed in the end.

The visuals in this game are magnificent. They did an excellent job at bringing in front unique, fun gameplay mechanics and the controls are smooth too. Pressing the buttons and shifting gears is very responsive. You won’t shift the wrong gear unless it’s your fault. It’s a nice thing for sure, and it shows the sheer attention to detail and quality that the game has to offer here.

The gameplay is enticing all the time. You can do some upgrades here and there, but in the end, it’s just a pleasure to enjoy the game and have fun with it. This shines, since you get to improve your car and engage other major racers in battle. It’s just a nice mix of gameplay and one that makes the experience more and more fun all the time.

Of course, you can expect a few challenges along the way all the time, but then again you will become better as you progress in the game. There are multiple losses to be had in the beginning, but as you win races and upgrade your vehicle, you will end up having a lot of fun.

Overall, Drag’n’Drift is an excellent game. It starts off simple, yet it does get challenging and exciting as you play. There are lots of cars to unlock, and you will see that the experience is worth it as you explore more and more races here.

It’s safe to say that Drag’n’Drift is an excellent game for those that enjoy the car culture and it can bring in front some beautiful, exciting gameplay ideas as you go along. The game does tend to explore some nice, great experiences, and overall you will have plenty of fun with it. So, check it out and download it, this is a free title!

The review was written by Gaming Contributor – Alexandru T.

Arizona Derby Game Review

Demolition derby games are always fun, and a title like Arizona Derby certainly manages to raise the stakes in that regard. This is a fun game where you get to play as a driver enrolled in the Arizona Derby show. Your goal is simple; you need to crash as many obstacles as possible and reach the highest possible score.

There are tons of obstacles in your way though. Other cars will attack you too, and there will be a plethora of animals like elephants that will come in your way too. But what makes the game, so fun is the realism factor.

Everything in the game can be destroyed, and that’s what makes the game so much fun. You can quickly destroy all types of items in here, and that’s what you want to do to acquire a very high score. The physics engine is very good for this title, and everything can easily be destroyed to crumbles in a matter of minutes. But that’s not all. The game does an excellent job when it comes to further improving the gameplay mechanics.

It’s a very action-packed experience that helps you create your driving stories. The off-road mechanics are very good, and the controls are designed to be tight and compact. You won’t have a problem controlling the vehicle, although your skills will indeed be tested by the treacherous roads.

Arizona Derby is all about testing your reflexes and doing all you can to reach the end of the level. It is a fun, exciting and beautiful game to play. There’s a lot of action packed gameplay in this title and each time you play you get to explore more and more locations in Arizona.

There is no Multiplayer as of yet, but the developers are actively working on it. As you can imagine, this will offer you the ultimate showdown between players. This feature is coming soon, and it’s certainly something that all destruction derby game fans are waiting for. The same goes for the entire road map, which is always evolving.

The true focus on realism and the easy to use interface make this game a pleasure to explore. Plus, Arizona is the perfect game for such a game, because there are many offroad locations and canyons that you can check out.

Graphically, Arizona Derby is also very impressive. The visuals are second to none, and the game world is incredible too. The car models are detailed too, and there’s just a lot of quality and value to be had in here. The camera can be a bit off at times, but you can easily change it whenever you want.

Overall, Arizona Derby is a fascinating, fun title with a lot of great mechanics and plenty of fun moments for you to enjoy. It’s a delightful game that will allow you to explore the Arizona deserts unlike never before. If you always liked destruction derby games, just consider checking this game out, as it’s a lot of fun!

The review was written by Gaming Contributor – Alexandru Tanase.