Mission Statement

We learning continuously, we never stop to expertise ourselves, no matter how far we reach, we always knowing that there are endless possibilities in the digital gaming world and we want to utilize them all.

We are Falcon Interactive, always step ahead of the market, when we first published our title  “Rise of Robo-Man”, it was some of the very first high-end mobile game on the Google Play.

Falcon Interactive is dedicated to creating most astounding experiences ever to the players worldwide. No matter if is our own production or games for clients, we have core values which representing our overall work and our goal is creating an extraordinary value to the customer, by providing leading-edge entertainment solutions that enable the ultimate experiences to its end users.

We have been developed over 170 games in a previous decade, with many of big hits done as an outsourcing company for large publishers. We very complex titles of all the genres, including racing, shooters, arcades, actions, strategies, adventures, quizzes, endless runners and many other games.

You can find some of the genres we did:

Some of the examples of our work can be found here (Mutant Duck InvasionDSE Racing, Formula Carrer, Rails of Glory).

Here you can find our portfolio overview.

Our company wants’s all games to be totally perfect when we release them and we are showing that all the time in hundreds of customers feedbacks, so we are giving them what best they need, to setback away everybody from the competition.

That’s our vision. And that is what we providing to you as a customer of Falcon Interactive.

Since Falcon Interactive is global gaming group, we think globally and our production will always find best solutions for your projects to be successful worldwide.

Our mission is that you, as a client, will have an extraordinary experience with us, during development we would ensure you about highest quality of production, in each and every way, building you demo tests of yours games from early pre-alpha stages to final gold master version.


Here are games published under our Falcon Interactive brand:

Arizona Derby – #1 game on the Steam Greenlight upon its retirement, reached over 300k fans on the social networks, it was #1 on IndieDB and #1 on ModDB for weeks, game development websites in competition of over 40,000 games

Drag-n-Drift – Race Action Arcade Game

Pro Soccer – Football Sports Arcade Game

Lords – RPG title

Ribbit – Retro Arcade Game

Air-X-Combat – Flighting Fighter Simulator

Battle Story – RPG Acton Fighting Game

Candy Stars – Puzzle Game Like Candy Crash

Cat Revenge – Arcade Game

Edy – Arcade Game

Robin Hood – Arcade Game

StreetX Racing – Arcade Racing Game

Curvy – Logic Game

Super Stunts – Arcade Game

BioShips – Arcade Game

Falcon’s Spin – Slot Casino Game

Rise of Robo-Man – Action Game

Our vision is that every household worldwide having at least one game produced by Falcon Gaming Group no matter if is for mobile or any other device.

We know that is possible and our global vision is to grow the quantity of games produced under Falcon Interactive brand and in the same way to grow qualitative, which means that our games becoming more and more popular and that our, at least one AAA title, becomes part of the collections of the most of the gamers worldwide.

Falcon Interactive defines broad goals in its Statute and Company Mission Guidance, based on these core values and they are reflected in work of everyday work of all employees in the company.

Our employees are gaming and tech geeks, they love what they create, they are so passionate about gaming and we constantly having team buildings where we improving our team to met hi-end expectations and to deliver extraordinary tasks with whom, you as future Client, will be more than satisfied.