Falcon Interactive developed many car games for years and one of the greatest challenges was Formula One project with 22 real world tracks and all to be delivered on standard mobile iOS and Android devices. Here is some example of Monza racing track – it’s not the final version of the game, but some mid-producing setups.

The project features advanced formula one simulations of full driving physics, conditions of the road, tires – providing the final player state of the art experience which can stands shoulder to shoulder with latest world well-known titles as F1 for PS, Need for Speed, Real Racing 3 and the others.

Our large modeling team creating 22 real world tracks, using google maps, real track pictures and videos from racing events.

In the same time, vehicle modeling team modeled vast amount of formula cars and some of them can be checked here:

We having a very challenging job to prepare totally realistic formula one game with complex real-time multiplayer built in, with a lot of challenges and career modes.