Why we are so different?

  • Falcon’s investing in people. Due to fact that we have direct access to the one of the world leading engineering faculties – Faculty of Electro-engineering at Belgrade (ETF) who gave in past decades top world experts in programming and IT sector (for Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and many large companies) – we have created pool of talents – selecting and educating young game coders for years in leading game engines (Unity3D, UE4…) and having experts who have been in coding since 80’s and 90’s. Lot of people are Masters of Engineering, or BA at ETF, also some people having Masters of Engineering at Imperial, UK.
  • 3D modeling, character and level designers together with lot of UI/UIX/2D graphic designers mainly having BA and MA on Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade.
  • Communication is something that people loving when having business with us, Falcon’s is place where business becoming fun as we producing projects under exact deadlines, reporting to investors on daily, weekly and monthly bases – also full code is written/commented in plain English.