We are happy to announce that, after more then two years of development, we are in beta version of the game “Arizona Derby”.

It’s year 2019 and people are looking for something new, full of adrenaline, dangerous and in same way exotic and unique. Answer for their need is Arizona Derby.

You play as Mike, first driver of renowned Arizona Derby Show and every second is live broadcasted to the tens of millions of viewers worldwide. You can’t make mistake, you have one rule – get to the finish line, not as fast as possible, but as best as possible, crashing as many obstacles and miss tv broadcaster vehicles, while evading wild animals which wants to turn you around. Rule is simple – more crashes of obstacles, the higher is the score.

Realistic, off-road racing experience with immersive landscapes, which offers limitless possibilities

Placed in an amazing and extraordinary beauty of Mojave desert, forested with palm trees in near future and transferred of many types of exotic animals, so it’s like some fantastic safari.

With state of the art graphics and game physics, this game inspiring players to enjoy untouched natural beauties, close to the point where horizon and dirt roads create never ending driving stories. Also, mixed with daydreams of drivers worldwide, to fully enjoy the true nature of off-road driving, stunts, exhibitions and to finally test extreme reflexes on hot Arizona sun.


The driving feeling is immersive and crashes are with craze and violence, that takes you to the deepest experience of off-road driving pleasures when you start to play. It features the latest advanced DirectX graphics engine that simulates an immersive environment, ultra realistic and dynamic lighting with high-end realistic materials and meshes. It can easy take you hours to fully enjoy the beauty of nature, while discovering new roads and new places.

Every part of the vehicle’s body is realistic simulated. Therefore, basically every part of the vehicle reacts with high-end detailed terrain. Also creating a stunning experience that has never been seen before in such games. While hot winds create a fatamorgana on distant sand roads, you will have plenty of space to test and verify your off-road skills.

High-end physics engine is being created to provide extremely realistic driving experience, including features and aspects of real off-road cars, never seen on any other off-road simulator. Once you run it, you will be literally immersed in the dynamic world of off-road adventures. If you don’t like racers, then do not play this game. It is made strictly for passionate lovers of cars.

So stay tuned, you may not have another chance. Even if you make the smallest mistake in driving strategy, you will be chased by wild animals, crocodiles and angry elephants. But not all animals are your enemies, you will have to just have to recognize it and react fast. Your skills would be proven to the highest degrees of driving on this never ending roads of Arizona. There is , basically kilometers of undiscovered roads, ready to be discovered and thousands of new adventures created on those dirty sands.

What differentiates this game from the rest is that each track has kilometers of road, so you can play it for hours (if you are well experienced, you will play it faster).


Your tasks would also be to clear off the roads from blockages, while evading the patrol cars. Crashing an obstacle will give you more score and crashing into patrol vehicles will take it from you. You need to make your best way through Arizona, particularly as the best off-road driver in the world. While driving, you will discover the wildlife of Arizona, and some animals will not be friendly. Your task is to evade them as fast and best is possible.

Your ride is equipped with supersonic materials, which enable it to destroy in explosion almost all obstacles ahead.

Take your seat, tighten your belts and race into new adventures and listen carefully, because Arizona Derby calling you.


We keep on working on many interesting vehicles all with unique styling, physics and tuned design. We plan to add more superpowers to vehicles (for destroying obstacles) and waste range of different abilities which would enable players to maximally enjoy our game.


We working on real-time multiplayer racing in Arizona, which would be great experience together with all steps we have in plan to finish, so there would be plenty of cars to choose from, all with different setups and abilities, offering outstanding battles on this huge terrains.


We have in plans to extend off-road and to bring some adventures directly into city streets! With all this vehicles to be added, it would be awesome to race around city streets in different suspensions, aerodynamics and plenty of tasks.


Our goals is to create unique off-road racing adventures with this game in future, having weekly events on all new maps and offering more outstanding levels and tons of off-road fun for all.