Falcon Interactive developed for years action games, based on tons of experience for fast-paced multiplayer action games, we develop Crazy Rails – to enjoy into – it’s internal reference and we would share you details about it to show out challenges in development processes.

In this video, you can check some gameplay overview.

And here is more about the development of this huge project, which has over 100 scripts and some as you will see have 1000s of variables and over 12k lines of code.

During development, Falcon resolving lot of extraordinary challenges of this projects, some of them are definitely its state of the art gameplay logics and next to it it’s Dynamic curving shader – which enables us to save a lot on modeling costs – so basically everything in game is straight in game engine – but on screen it’s curving in real-time enabling state of the art logics of the game, as seen in above video’s. You can read more about this technique here.