According to the latest Newzoo’s Global Game Development Market report, the global gaming market reaches 100 billion USD in 2016 and continuing to growth in next period even much further.

Falcon Interactive is the world’s most productive gaming company by numbers of games created. With over 160 titles and most of it having most advanced technologies  (backends, real-time multiplayers, complex and state of the art graphics).

Falcon Interactive  largely increased it’s publishing sector, with the newest title “Arizona Derby” to be published on the Steam:

With its HQ in London and development centers in Atlanta, Swiss, Belgrade and latest St. Petersburg (for PC publishings), we covering waste majority of the globe game development demands, having successful cooperation with some of largest companies like Mansory, and renewed game publishers, like Galaxy Images Studio, DSE Inc and many others.

Falcon Interactive Group doing businesses with over hundreds worldwide investors mainly from the USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Mexico and many others countries from every continent.

As previously mentioned in Newzoo Global Gaming Market report, gaming market becoming more dynamic and with the future centralization of the Asian-Pacific region, which in 2016 counts for over 58% of overall growth. Falcon Interactive Group answer to those changes is that it’s continually making their progress toward APAC’s region in 2017.

Having such multicultural experience enabling us to flexibly adapt to the dynamic international gaming market. Falcon’s created it’s growing gaming community with 300,000 followers on Twitter, which helping us with broader feedbacks to upcoming projects.

Also, Falcon’s Group continuing to develop and publish on many new platforms and implementing many of new technologies (VR, AR, Geo-positioning – i.e. Pokemon games and many others creative and unique developments). As can be seen in Newzoo’s report things become very diversified in the latest period and we, in Falcon Group expecting such changes and proactively adapting to them.

You can contact us with your game development document and we would give you best possible offer with detail planning for your upcoming title, based on our very large experience.