It is so exciting to track progress over last few days and we celebrating as game pass 100% of Greenlight and pass over 54 games in just 2 days to position number 46 with over 3,132 YES votes.

A week after, progress going even harder and currently Arizona Derby, after updating new map “Tropical Paradise” hits the 24th place of the 3,793 games on Greenlight.

One of the boosts for this was for sure new spot for song Arizona Derby which was put to the Steam profile of the game and definitely gets great feedback.

The second big step is the newest Arizona Derby spot with Burton MC which attracted more voters also with a very exciting map of Tropical Paradise.

But also new rides we include and which are so popular and nicely.

Game rise so steeply on the game when 100% of Greenlight were reached, you can see that on the graph.

This period has been very exciting for Falcon Interactive development teams which working on Arizona Derby and give us, even more, motivation to implement best and to put more and more features.

We have a lot of ideas is mind and if we succeed, all this would feasible for DLC’s of the game.

We believe game have great possibilities and it can reach even more, to the top 20 games on Greenlight.