On the way to the Top of Steam Greenlight games, Falcon Interactive’s Arizona Dream gets great comments from Steam users, as shown in above pictures.

Also Arizona Game get continuously lower ‘NO’ votes compared to percent of ‘YES’ votes:

Average ‘NO’ votes in Top 50 games on Greenlight is significantly larger, (about 35%), also ‘YES’ votes are in average  at 65%. Game continuing getting bigger audience and approve it’s quality in initial period.

Currently game has almost 1000 votes in less then 2 weeks on Steam Greenlight, it’s gain over 6k unique visitors so far.

Also trends showing it’s good way to the Top games on Steam Greenlight, where is current trend, about Top #20 game on Greenlight and of course, better then Top #100 game:

We hoping that, with this trends, game will be Greenlighted in about 10 days.